Welcome To Quickwash Laundry

At Quickwash Laundry located in Ocala, Florida, we have set out to create a unique, yet comfortable way to do laundry. It is not just a clean Laundromat, but also a Laundromat with a warm environment and features that allow laundry to feel enjoyable
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  • Our large flat-screen televisions, free Wi-Fi, and Children’s play Area are a testament to this home-away-from-home experience. If those comforts simply are not enough, allow our helpful and friendly staff to do your laundry in just 20 minutes! With our unique Wash-Dry-Fold service you can do your laundry in just 20 minutes…10 minutes to drop-off and 10 minutes to pick-up! We here at Quickwash Laundry like to call it… a new spin on laundry.